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For centuries, some of the world’s greatest composers have benefited from the enthusiasm and financial support of music-lovers, enabling them to focus on their craft and share their talent and vision with the world.

This tradition continues to this day, and through Musically Gifted you too can take part in helping create music of the highest quality. It costs from just £10, and whether for yourself or as a unique gift for someone special, you can leave your mark in musical history.

Musically Gifted. Buy a gift and be part of new music.

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"Musically Gifted has given many people of modest means like me the chance to support and stimulate some really good contemporary music by a group of brilliant composers who also happen to be very nice people"

Meredith Lloyd-Evans, Cambridge

"Why support new music? For starters, there’s the unique adventure and excitement of hearing something new, and the thrill of knowing that your support has made it happen"

David Butcher, CEO, Britten Sinfonia

"Commissioning new musical works offers a unique and exciting opportunity to hear something new. It is essential that we support creative artists as well as the highly talented performing artists we have in Britten Sinfonia"

John Stephens, London

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